RK030 Carno's Carnivores

Hello Friends ! Enjoy one Rip Kirby classic story .
Brief Details of the story : (Credit IP comics )

RK030 Carno's Carnivores
Original run in papers: 11 Apr 1955 - 9 Jul 1955
Story: Alex Raymond  Art: Alex Raymond

The story:
Addressing the Adventurers’ Club in New York, Rip is approached by the wealthy and eccentric animal trainer Count Carlo and told that Desmond has just been kidnapped on Carlo’s orders and is the millionaire’s prisoner at his tropical estate. In exchange for Desmond’s safety, Rip agrees to investigate extortion letters sent to Carlo threatening to kill his daughter. To complicate matters, the father and daughter act is due to leave for a grand European tour with their wild cats - with a murderer already in tow...
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 RK030 Carno's Carnivores

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