RK001 The Chip Faraday Murder

Hello Friends ! Enjoy Rip Kirby 's first story .

Brief Details of the comic ( Credit IP comics )

RK001 The Chip Faraday Murder
Original run in papers: 4 Mar 1946 - 22 Apr 1946
Story: Alex Raymond  Art: Alex Raymond

The story:
Returning from military service in the Pacific, scientist and amateur detective Rip Kirby wakes up to the sound of a pistol shot outside his flat before seconds later finding himself clutching a dead girl’s body on his doorstep. With the sound of clacking heels and the fact that the girl worked at a reputable model agency as sole clues, a puzzled Rip persuades his friend Honey Dorian to work undercover as the model’s replacement - with dramatic consequences...
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RK001 The Chip Faraday Murder
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