RK035 : Zero Hour

Hello Friends ! Enjoy one Rip Kirby classic story in HQ .

Breif Details of this story ( Credit IP comics ):

RK035 Zero Hour
Original run in papers: 21 May 1956 - 28 Jul 1956
Story: Alex Raymond  Art: Alex Raymond

The story:
Picked up by Rip in New York harbour after her return from a modelling engagement in Paris, Dorian immediately proceeds to the house of the wealthy Monsieur and Madame Zero to deliver a set of garments she has carried over the Atlantic on their behalf.
Unbeknown to her and Rip, a rose on one of the dresses she has carried conceals a small capsule of microfilm which will soon plunge Rip and Dorian into a tense standoff with a ruthless smuggling racket...
Don’t Miss:
• The intersection of Dickenson Street and Gillespie Boulevard
• Rip’s sports car
• Rip and Desmond as Manopolis subway workers
• Death on the third rail

RK035 :  Zero Hour
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